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Content by Max Bennett

Prescribed Underburning in Southwest Oregon: A Case Study

This publication describers a case study of prescribed underburning on a private woodland in southwest Oregon. It is part of the "Alternative Silvilculture" series and is a companion publication to Mixed Conifer and Hardwood Management in Southwest Oregon (EM 9084).

By Stephen Fitzgerald, Max Bennett | OSU Extension Catalog

America's Largest Diameter Trees

Largest diameter of any tree in Americas, madrones, bromeliads, and other botanical curiosities of Oaxaca

By Max Bennett, | Article

Field Guide to the Shrubs of Southwestern Oregon

Southwestern Oregon’s forests and woodlands are home to more than 100 species of shrubs – plants that add immeasurably to the beauty and function of this remarkably diverse ecosystem. This field guide is designed to help you identify 56 of the most frequently encountered shrubs in the area.

By Max Bennett, Jan Walker | Publication

Tree thinning for health and vigor

Simple guidelines for thinning your woodlands call for removing undesirable trees and making room for the best ones.

By Max Bennett, Stephen Fitzgerald, | Article

Groundcone - Boschniakia strobilacea

What are those funny cone-like things sticking out of the ground?

By Max Bennett, | Article

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