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Content by Max Bennett

Resources for building bee pollinator habitat in managed forests.

Postcards showing where native bees nest in managed forests can be obtained from the Oregon Bee Project (

Brad Withrow-Robinson, Lauren Grand, Max Bennett, Christine Buhl | Mar 2020 | Article

The Home Ignition Zone: Protecting Your Property from Wildfire

Wildfire is inevitable — learn what you need to know to prepare your home and property. Handy worksheets help you assess each zone of your property to reduce the threat wildfires pose. This publication is one of a series of Land Steward Rural Resource Guidelines.

Max Bennett | Jun 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

Forests and Woodlands: Protecting an Ecosystem

Learn to manage your forested property in ways that protect water quality, maintain soil health, reduce the threat of fire and improve wildlife habitat. This publication is one of a series of Land Steward Rural Resource Guidelines.

Max Bennett | Dec 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Streams and Riparian Areas: Clean Water, Diverse Habitat

Streams and streambanks are vital but vulnerable wildlife habitat. Learn the steps you can take to improve vegetation and water quality on your riparian property. These recommendations can help protect birds, fish and other ...

Rachel Werling, Max Bennett | Dec 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Prescribed Underburning in Southwest Oregon: A Case Study

This publication describers a case study of prescribed underburning on a private woodland in southwest Oregon. It is part of the "Alternative Silvilculture" series and is a companion publication to Mixed Conifer and Hardwood Management in Southwest Oregon (EM 9084).

Max Bennett, Stephen Fitzgerald | Dec 2018 | OSU Extension Catalog

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