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Content by Norma Kline

Sudden Oak Death: Prevention, Recognition, Restoration

A guide for homeowners, small woodland owners, resource managers, and conservation groups to recognize, prevent, and manage Sudden Oak Death. This publication can be downloaded in two different formats. The "PDF" button will provide a 12-page, 8.5-inch-by-11-inch PDF. The supplemental file is...

By Dave Shaw, Norma Kline | OSU Extension Catalog

What's killed my tree?

Are you one of the many woodland owners noticing continued signs of drought on your property? Drought impacts are complex; drought stressed trees become susceptible to insects and diseases that are naturally present (typically at low levels) in our woodlands. Take these four steps to help you identify what factors might be impacting your tree health.

By Norma Kline, | Article

Managing Woodlands in the Coastal Fog Belt

Landowners face special challenges and opportunities managing woodlands in Oregon's coastal fog belt. This publication discusses forest management treatments that allow you to achieve your goals in this fast-growing environment.

By Norma Kline, Valerie Elder, Stephen Fitzgerald | OSU Extension Catalog

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