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Is beef with liver flukes safe to eat?

I'm in the process of buying some grassfed beef through an Oregon coast farmer on Craigslist. The beef was recently processed and is ready to pick up, however we won't be getting any liver as the cows had liver flukes. I'm wondering if liver flukes affect the rest of the animal/meat quality and...

By Charles Estill | Featured Question

Could a beefalo herd be in my future?

I am interested in raising a small herd of beefalo. Do you have any information on raising beefalo. Particularly the advantages vs. disadvantages. How many head could I start out with on 3 acres? I have access to approximately 20 adjoining acres if need be.

By Tim Deboodt | Featured Question

Can cows find water by smell?

How do cows find water? (assuming that there is no previous knowledge on the cows part) There is no substantive evidence that cows can smell water (or riparia for that matter). It seems to be generally agreed upon that cows either stumble upon water or follow trails etc to water. However, some...

By Dustin Johnson | Featured Question