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Livestock producers embrace progressive tactics for dealing with wolves

Extension’s efforts have allowed members and organizations from the cattle industry to work with other organizations they traditionally avoided.

Ian McGregor | Apr 2021 | Impact story

Central Oregon farmers, ranchers learn methods to conserve water

The workshops and popular field tours provided the education needed to make the right decisions about livestock grazing and irrigation in order to conserve water, increase forage production and increase profits.

Scott Duggan | Mar 2021 | Impact story

Beef Quality Assurance program ensures quality meat and improves profits

BQA certification is implemented by Oregon State University Extension Service, which promotes BQA-approved best management practices.

Shelby Filley, Sergio Arispe | Mar 2021 | Impact story

Extension helps get hay to those in need after September wildfires

Nearly 500 tons of hay were distributed throughout the affected areas during the month of October when need was imperative for feeding hungry animals.

Jenifer Cruickshank | Mar 2021 | Impact story

OSU Beef Cattle Workgroup - 2020 Fall Webinar Series

The OSU Beef Cattle Workgroup held over Fall 2020 a series of webinars that presented information in different topics of beef cattle production. The recordings of these webinars are found in this page. Download a PDF document with slides of each presentation.

Juliana Ranches | Jan 2021 | Collection