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OSU Beef Cattle Workgroup - 2020 Fall Webinar Series

The OSU Beef Cattle Workgroup held over Fall 2020 a series of webinars that presented information in different topics of beef cattle production. The recordings of these webinars are found in this page. Download a PDF document with slides of each presentation.

Juliana Ranches | Jan 2021 | Collection

Mitigation of Pain for Calves Undergoing Routine Procedures - Charles Estill

In this video, Dr. Estill discussed the importance of pain management in beef cattle operations, the physiology and recognition of pain, as well as the medication options available for producers and management practices. Other resources from presentation: Slides Dehorning video Castration video

Charles Estill | Jan 2021 | Video

Understanding EPDs for Selecting Bulls - Sergio Arispe and Morgan Johnsrud

In this video, Dr. Arispe and Morgan (Select Sires) discussed several aspects of EDP values for bull selection and different traits that producers should consider when selecting bulls. Other resources from presentation: Slides Breed EPD averages for and $Values

Sergio Arispe, Morgan Johnsrud | Jan 2021 | Video

Strategic Supplementation in Oregon - Ian McGregor

In this video, Ian presents an overview strategic supplementation of protein and energy for beef cattle, with emphasis on low-quality forages. Other resources from presentation: Slides

Ian McGregor | Jan 2021 | Video

The Importance of Mineral Supplementation - Juliana Ranches

In this video, Dr. Ranches presents an overview of mineral supplementation for beef cattle, with emphasis and mineral deficiencies in Oregon. She also address different supplementation strategies available for beef cattle producers. Other resources from presentation: Slides Oregon Forage Library

Juliana Ranches | Jan 2021 | Video

Hay Feeding Value and Protein Supplementation - David Bohnert and Shelby Filley

In this video, Dr. Bohnert and Dr. Filley discuss hay evaluation for beef cattle feeding as well as protein supplementation strategies. Other resources from presentation: Slides Oregon Forage Library Beef Nutrition Workbook Forage Evaluation OSU Cowculator Software OSU Cowculator Instructions

David Bohnert, Shelby Filley | Jan 2021 | Video