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Livestock - Beef Cattle

A list of topics and resources for beef cattle producers

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General Livestock Information

General livestock information for producers


Services - Hay and Pasture

A list of resources for producers wanting to learn more about hay and pastures.


Services - Government Agencies

A collection of items regarding government agencies for livestock producers


Services - Livestock Auction, Scales, and Marketing

A collection of items concerning livestock auctions, scales, and marketing.


Oregon Feelot Futurity


By Chris Schachtschneider, | Collection

Services - Animal Health

Here is a collection of items concerning animal health.


Healthy living for livestock

Clean Living Space is Necessary You should clean pens and barns annually by removing dirt, feces, and stagnant water from the area. When disease problems surface, clean barn walls with disinfectants....

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Benefits to Belonging to an Agriculture Organization

Several Agricultural and Forestry associations are available for producers to join. I think it’s extremely important for producers to get connected with at least one association so they do not get...

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Services - Producer Organizations

Here are some handy links to organizations important to raising livestock and forages:

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