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New blood test reveals susceptibility to costly disease in dairy cows

Jun 18, 2018
Oregon State University researchers have developed a blood test to identify dairy cows are susceptible to bovine clinical mastitis.

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Idle, uncleaned milk trucks don't compromise the quality of raw milk, OSU study shows

Mar 1, 2018
Raw milk quality isn’t compromised when tanker trucks sit empty and uncleaned for hours between loads, according to new research at Oregon State University.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Tillamook County Creamery Association gives $1.5 million for OSU research facility

Jan 25, 2017
Planned center is part of OSU's Oregon Quality Food and Beverage Products Initiative

By Peg Herring | News Story

Organic and conventional dairies show few differences in cow health and milk

Aug 20, 2014
Cows raised on organic and conventional dairy farms in three regions of the United States show no significant differences in health or in the nutritional content of their milk, according to a new study by Oregon State University researchers and their collaborators.

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Cows that eat juniper risk losing calves, study says

Jan 3, 2013
Cows that eat bark, berries or branches from western juniper trees late in pregnancy are more likely to abort their calves or give birth early, Oregon State University researchers have discovered.

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Portland couple endows OSU dairy professorship

Dec 1, 2010
Portland couple gives $860,000 to Oregon State University to endow dairy professor, upgrade dairy processing facility and support interns.

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OSU scientists develop test to detect "dead-gut" in dairy cows

Dec 20, 2004
OSU animal science researchers have developed a diagnostic test for detection of Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS), a deadly disease responsible for killing growing numbers of dairy cows.

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