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4-H Spark Kits

Get a spark for learning! Explore fun learning the whole family can do together! Each activity handout will introduce a new topic with hands-on activities and videos.

Kristen Moore, Patrick Willis | Dec 2020 | Collection

Think like an Animal Scientist!

Watch the video to learn how animal scientists solve problems! Use the activity handout to record your data.

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

Got Milk? A Science Experiment!

Milk is the world's most complex, natural, and oldest fluid. Learn about caseins, a major protein in cow milk. Materials needed to complete the activity: Powdered or Fluid Milk, Measuring cup, Microwaveable bowl, Vinegar, Measuring spoon, Spoon, Coffee filter, Cup, Paper towels, Markers

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

Bears, Whales, Mice - Oh my!

Our natural world is fascinating. You will learn interesting facts about different animal's milk!

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video