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The Invention of the Rice Transplanter by Farmers

Until the 1970s, rice planting in Japan was backbreaking manual labor, done by workers bent over in muddy rice paddies. Rice was grown on many small intensive farms, and it had to be transplanted...

By Toshihiko Nishio, Shinji Kawai, Alice K. Formiga | Article

Guide to Oregon County Soil Survey Reports

An inventory of all the different kinds of soils in many Oregon counties is available. These inventories were made starting in the 1970’s by soil scientists of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Soil...

By Brad Withrow-Robinson, Debra Zaveson | Article

Scouting and collecting Wheat Head Armyworms

What growers can do to scout for and help identify wheathead armyworms.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Velvetleaf-Have You Seen This Weed?

This small plant causes extensive crop loss. Is it still missing?

By Mary Corp, | Article

Take All

This root rot look-alike is endangering wheat, grass, and barley. Learn the signs, symptoms, and controls of this disease.

By Mary Corp, | Article


Can spraying this weed at the right time keep it out of our fields?

By Mary Corp, | Article


Will Oregon meet these wasp-like pests again?

By Mary Corp, | Article

Russian Wheat Aphid

What your rolled-up wheat leaves mean.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Rattail Fescue Control in Chemical Fallow

European native grassy weed on the rise.

By Mary Corp, Daniel Ball | Article

Field Bindweed Control in Wheat: Fallow Rotations

Weed scientist, Daniel A. Ball of OSU, talks about the best way to rid fields of this noxious weed.

By Daniel Ball | Article