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Given more information about how wine is made, consumers less likely to pay for organic

Jun 25, 2019
Consumers are more willing to pay for wine that comes with an organic or organic grape label but providing information about certification standards and organic production practices reduces consumer willingness to pay for all wines, , according to an Oregon State University-led study.

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Organic blueberry growers can compete successfully with commercial operations

Dec 18, 2017
10-year study shows trio of production methods for best results

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Nothing beats bug patrol for organic gardeners

Apr 29, 2016
Look for OMRI logo when buying organic products

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Here's the scoop on chemical and organic fertilizers

Mar 9, 2015
Use these tips on how to apply organic amendments

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Organic and conventional dairies show few differences in cow health and milk

Aug 20, 2014
Cows raised on organic and conventional dairy farms in three regions of the United States show no significant differences in health or in the nutritional content of their milk, according to a new study by Oregon State University researchers and their collaborators.

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Add organic matter to improve garden soils

Feb 27, 2009
Adding organic matter is the best way to improve nearly all kinds of soils.

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What's the difference between chemical, organic fertilizers?

May 14, 2004
Differences between processed and organic fertilizers are explained in this article.

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