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Betsy Hartley
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Critter Corner

A collection of information relating to the critters we find in our gardens.
Current topics include: Bedbugs, march worms, wireworms, cluster flies, hummingbirds, bats, fleas, yellow jackets, and bug trivia.



Bats, which make a lot of people duck and cringe, are actually invaluable insect predators, and given a second look these furry little creatures are actually quite cute.


Batman! We need a bat plan!

I have a major bat infestation in the roof of my house. I have identified the areas where wood trim has shrunk with age and is available for the bats to enter and exit. I want to preserve the bat population, but want them out of my house! I have heard that mid August is the time to shut them out...

By Jim Burke | Featured Question

The Poop on Bat Poop

We live in Ashland and have bats in the eaves of our house. Will they damage the house? Should I do something about them? They poop on our deck... I've heard bat feces may be dangerous? How common is it to actually get sick from it?

By Bob Reynolds | Featured Question