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Feed birds in winter with berry-bearing plants

Birds eat berries in winter for food to give them the energy they need to survive the prolonged stress of cold and wet weather.

Kym Pokorny | Jan 15, 2021 | News story

Are crows getting smarter?

Q: Over the last decade or so, we have noticed a change in crow behavior, at least in our neighborhood. When a crow was gleaning by the wayside on our local streets, they used to fly away as a car neared. Then, they ...

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150 - OSU Pollinator Health - Master Melittologists

The OSU Pollinator Health Program and Oregon Bee Project have worked together to develop a first of a kind Extension certificate program, the Master Melittologist program. The program is designed for people passionate about native...

Aug 2020 | Podcast episode

Eight things to consider when building a pond on your woodland property.

Few amenities better enhance the value of a woodland property than a pond. When built correctly, ponds can provide water for livestock and wildlife, fishing, boating, swimming, fire protection, aesthetics, and higher land value. ...

Lauren Grand | Jul 2020 | Article

Will the cidadas serenade Corvallis this summer?

Q: This little guy was found in a backyard in Corvallis. What type of cicada is it? How often do they hatch? Do they have a similar rhythmic song as the east coast and southern varieties?

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Wildlife Habitat: Nurturing a Diverse Mix of Flora and Fauna

Property owners can play key roles in wildlife habitat. Learn how to manage your land to promote a diverse native habitat and support ecological systems. One of a series of Land Steward Rural Resource Guidelines.

Rachel Werling | Jul 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

Está Allí Steen Montaña Investigación de Ciervos Mula

La Oficina de Administración de Tierras está interesada en reducir la presencia de enebro a niveles de asentamiento preeuropeos en áreas sensibles utilizadas por la vida silvestre. La agencia se acercó a la Extensión de la ...

Jun 2020 | Video

Out There Steen Mountain Mule Deer Research

The Bureau of Land Management is interested in reducing the presence of juniper to pre-European settlement levels throughout sensitive areas used by wildlife. The agency approached Oregon State University Extension with a proposal to...

Jun 2020 | Video

Enhance Songbird Habitat on your Forest

We’ll give you some tips on how to maintain the key habitat characteristics for the many songbirds that may be visiting your property and even some recommendations on ways to increase the types of birds that visit.

Lauren Grand | Jun 2020 | Article