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How can I protect my duck egg?

Apr 2018
We have a pair of Mallards stop by and hang out in our pool for a few weeks every year. Our dogs are used to them and give the ducks a wide berth when they walk by the pool. I just noticed that in the last few hours, the hen laid an egg on the deck by our pool. The egg is in no way in a nest as you can see by the photo (the egg is the ...

By Chrissy Lucas | Featured Question

My patio has an uninvited guest, how do I get her to duck out?

May 2017
I live in a second floor condo overlooking a man made lake. I have window boxes on my deck rail containing geraniums and sweet potato vine. On the deck I have pots containing basil, thyme, and million bells. A female duck has decided to nest either in my geraniums or herb pots. I tried a trellis, flashy wind mills, garden art statuettes, and my presence to scare ...

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question