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Is Crossbow a good choice for killing wild blackberries?

May 2019
I can find lots of information on what Crossbow kills but no specific information on how it does it. I am trying to kill wild blackberries. My yard is in a condo development and is right next to my neighbor who does not like herbicides. She tells me that if I spray the blackberries that are next to her organic fruit tree, the herbicide will transfer to any ...

By Kaci Buhl | Featured Question

Will glyphosate poison us or our pets?

Jul 2016
We live in a large condominium between NW Naito Parkway and the Willamette River. Our property extends to the banks of the river. Our landscaper has been using a diluted version of glyphosate to control weeds on the property and blackberry vines along the edge of the river. We have LOTS of dogs in our complex, and some of our residents like using the rosemary growing...

By Chip Bubl | Featured Question

During spray season, should we stay or should we go?

Apr 2016
We live next to a filbert orchard and they seem to be spraying a lot at this time. Is there any danger from being in our yard while they are spraying? How often can we expect them to be spraying?  

By Nik Wiman | Featured Question