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2021 Pest Management Guide for Wine Grapes in Oregon

Learn the most effective techniques for controlling insects, weeds and disease on wine grapes in Oregon. Easy-to-read tables list pesticide application rates and timing. This comprehensive publication for growers covers strategies for ...

Patricia Skinkis, Jay Pscheidt, Marcelo Moretti, Vaughn Walton, Achala KC, Clive Kaiser | Feb 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

Six Steps to Calibrate and Optimize Airblast Sprayers for Orchards and Vineyards

In six steps, learn how to calibrate, optimize, and verify coverage for an airblast sprayer to ensure that you are getting every drop to the crop.

Steve Castagnoli | Jan 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

2020 PNW Weed Management Handbook

This comprehensive guide to weed management in the Pacific Northwest covers biological weed control agents; pesticide safety and disposal; agrichemicals and their properties; and control of problem weeds. Sections include subjects such ...

Ed Peachey | Apr 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

2020 PNW Insect Management Handbook

Covers pesticide safety and toxicity, protecting bees, adjuvants, mixing tables, calibration, and biological control. Other sections cover a wide variety of agricultural and nonagricultural products such as commercial vegetables, small ...

Apr 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

2020 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook

A comprehensive guide to plant disease management in the Pacific Northwest. Includes materials and tactics suitable for organic production and homeowner use as well as for commercial production. Covers testing services, common ...

Jay Pscheidt, Cynthia Ocamb | Apr 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

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Kym Pokorny | Nov 22, 2019 | News story

Russian Thistle: Management in a Wheat-Fallow Crop Rotation

Reviews Russian thistle biology as it relates to management, including seed dormancy and longevity in soil, seed distribution, seed germination and emergence, plant growth after establishment, crop competition, and resistance to ...

Judit Barroso | Aug 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Is Crossbow a good choice for killing wild blackberries?

Q: I can find lots of information on what Crossbow kills but no specific information on how it does it. I am trying to kill wild blackberries. My yard is in a condo development and is right next to my neighbor who does ...

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