How to Join

Are You Master Gardener Material?

Is the Master Gardener Program right for you? To help you decide whether you should apply for Master Gardener Training, see if you agree with these six statements:

  • Gardening and gardens have have always been of interest to me.
  • Anything I learn about gardening, I would be willing to share with others.
  • I really would like to learn a lot more about gardens, plants, and insects.
  • Entomology: Bugs can be fun; there is so much I don't know about them.
  • Mysterious things grow in my yard and in the county that I wish I could identify.
  • I am willing to provide 50 hours of volunteer outreach and education upon course completion.

If you find yourself agreeing with these statements, the Master Gardener Program may be right for you. It could be one of the most interesting activities you have ever been involved in. If you would like to become a Master Gardener, call, write, or email the Curry County Extension Office.

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