Credit to Julia Bott (Cropped from original)

Little Bear Patch Garden at Kalmiopsis Elementary School in Brookings

Students are gardening in Little Bear Patch again

Thanks to some very hard work over the past 2 years by Master Gardener volunteers, the Little Bear Patch school garden at Kalmiopsis School has been maintained and kept relatively weed free with the goal of bringing students back into the garden. And this goal is being met!

In summer 2022, volunteers worked with high school student interns in the garden, with the primary goal of helping them become ready for the work world – arriving on time, following directions, and staying off the phone. Students with Individual Education Programs in the extended school program also spent quality time in the garden.

The 2022-23 school year brought the second-grade class back to the garden and they are loving it! . They started fava beans in a glove to watch how seeds develop their roots, stems, and leaves. The following week, they planted the beans to build the soil health for the future spring plantings. They have planted daffodil bulbs, carrot and radish seeds and transplanted strawberry stollens and broccoli and onion starts. They have made growing bracelets and took home succulents that they potted themselves.

The students now know the various plant parts and what role they play. They also know that without plants, we wouldn’t have food to eat or oxygen to breath.

It is very exciting to have students in the garden again. Plus, they love to weed!

Onion and purple sprouting broccoli.

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