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Hello!  Please read the information below and reference forms posted below to address commonly asked questions.  If you have additional questions or need clarification, please email Erika at [email protected]

Our Mission: Cultivating resilient and healthy communities throughout Oregon through sustainable horticulture education and gardening projects that are rooted in science and that are supported by OSU Extension volunteers.

Our Vision: We provide accessible and equitable education programs that nurture life-long learners and volunteers who can expand the reach and impact of science-based sustainable gardening practices to benefit all Oregonians. 

Information for 2020 Interns:

40 hours volunteer service due by October 2021 to become a certified Master Gardener.  A formal graduation celebration will be held in October 2021, with OSU's approval. 

  • at least 20 hours must be direct or indirect education hours (see 'Volunteer Hour Categories and Requirements' sheet below for explanation). 
  • Be sure to include 1 volunteer hour for each week of Practicum you attended to your total number of hours.  For example, if you were able to attend 7 weeks of Practicum sessions, you earned 7 hours of volunteer time. 

Plant Clinic: Due to COVID and uncertainty for 2021, the 21 hour Plant Clinic requirement is waived, but you are still strongly encouraged to work a few hours in the Plant Clinic when it reopens (many people find it to be a lot of fun and that they learn a lot!).  There is no penalty for not completing volunteer hours in the Plant Clinic due to COVID closures.

Final Exam: Date TBD.  The exam will be open note/open book, and Erika will schedule a review session before giving the exam.  The hope is to have the review session and final exam in-person and after experience in the Plant Clinic, but we will be adaptable.    

Information for current Master Gardeners:

20 hours of volunteer service, with at least 10 which fall under direct or indirect education hours (see 'Volunteer Hour Categories and Requirements' sheet below for explanation) plus 10 hours of continuing education hours (so, 30 hours annually), are due by October 2021 to recertify. 

ALL VOLUNTEERS: Please enable your email system to accept messages from [email protected] so that messages go to your inbox.

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