Klamath County Master Gardeners

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The Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener™ program in Klamath County educates Oregonians about the art and science of growing and caring for plants.

OSU Extension Master Gardeners are volunteer educators, neighbors, and on-the-ground researchers who serve their community with solid training in science-based, sustainable gardening and a love of lifelong learning.

What does a Master Gardener volunteer do?

Volunteer educator

Master Gardener volunteers are community educators. Some of the ways they serve in their communities, both online and in person, include:

  • staff community events and answer gardening questions to the public
  • research answers to gardening questions at county extension offices
  • develop online training workshops for local gardeners
  • demonstrate sustainable gardening techniques at county fairs, home, and garden shows
  • manage and work in demonstration gardens with fellow Master Gardener volunteers and community members
  • support school gardening with educational components and hands-on activities


In their first year, all Master Gardener trainees complete a university-taught course about gardening. Typical topics include:

  • botany essentials
  • soil management
  • plant nutrition
  • pest identification and control
  • diagnosis of plant problems
  • growing vegetables
  • sustainable landscape design
  • fruit trees
  • pollinators

In years following their first, Master Gardeners take continuing education courses to keep current on new and regionally relevant gardening information. These courses may include webinars, hands-on workshops, and online or in-person classes and lectures.

If you want to learn about horticulture but can't commit to the full Master Gardener Volunteer program, you may want to enroll in OSU's 12-week Online Certificate of Home Horticulture course. Information can be found here: available soon

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