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Content by Achala KC

2019 Pest Management Guide for Wine Grapes in Oregon

This publication reviews the growth stages of grapes. For each growth stage (or group of growth stages), the document lists the more effective pesticides used to control insects, weeds, and disease, their rates, and application timing for Oregon grape growers. It also covers the effectiveness of...

By Vaughn Walton, Patricia Skinkis, Jay Pscheidt, Marcelo Moretti, Achala KC, Clive Kaiser | OSU Extension Catalog

2019 Pest Management Guide for Tree Fruits in the Mid-Columbia Area

Presents pesticide and herbicide application rates and recommendations, by tree growth stage, for pests that infect fruit trees. Covers apples, pears, and cherries. Provides (1) spray program for nutrients; (2) dilutions table for wettable powder and liquid products; (3) natural enemy impact guide...

By Dalila Rendon, Jay Pscheidt, Achala KC, Rick Hilton | OSU Extension Catalog

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