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Content by Heather Stoven

Plant Identification Presentation

History of Plant Taxonomy, Plant Classification, Scientific Names, Leaf and Flower Characteristics, Dichotomous Keys

By Heather Stoven, | Presentation

Botany for Gardeners

Survey of plants and relevant non-plants; anatomy of plants; Photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration; Plant hormones

By Heather Stoven, | Presentation

Tips and Good Cultural Practices for Producing Healthy Transplants in the Greenhouse

For those who have access to a greenhouse, growing your own starts can give you a leg up on the growing season. However, growing in this environment often requires extra attentiveness and care due to...

By Heather Stoven | Article

New Pest of Brassicas in Oregon: Cabbage Whitefly

Two new species of whitefly have been found in Oregon recently which you may want to keep an eye out for: the ash whitefly and the cabbage whitefly. Ash whitefly has a broad host range, and is a...

By Heather Stoven | Article

Japanese Beetle: A Pest to Watch for in Oregon

Japanese beetle ( Popillia japonica ) is an insect exotic to the US, which has previously established throughout parts of the East Coast, Midwest and South. Although small numbers of beetles have been...

By Heather Stoven, Rachel Suits | Article

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