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Content by Heather Stoven

Introduction to Olives in Oregon

Nov 2019
This webinar is part of the 2019 series of Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension. Heather Stoven and Victoria Binning of the OSU Extension Small Farms Program will introduce olives as both an ornamental and production plant. Can you grow them in Oregon? What conditions do they prefer? They will discuss a little of the ...

By Heather Stoven, Victoria Binning | Video

Plant Identification Presentation

Jan 2019
History of Plant Taxonomy, Plant Classification, Scientific Names, Leaf and Flower Characteristics, Dichotomous Keys

By Heather Stoven | Presentation

Botany for Gardeners

Dec 2018
Survey of plants and relevant non-plants; anatomy of plants; Photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration; Plant hormones

By Heather Stoven | Presentation

Tips and Good Cultural Practices for Producing Healthy Transplants in the Greenhouse

Jul 2015
For those who have access to a greenhouse, growing your own starts can give you a leg up on the growing season. However, growing in this environment often requires extra attentiveness and care due to this specialized setting. A few key best management practices as well as thoughtful preparation and planning can help lead to success. Doing some research before you start ...

By Heather Stoven | Article

New Pest of Brassicas in Oregon: Cabbage Whitefly

Dec 2015
Two new species of whitefly have been found in Oregon recently which you may want to keep an eye out for: the ash whitefly and the cabbage whitefly. Ash whitefly has a broad host range, and is a potential pest of ornamental crops, fruit trees and native plants. Here we discuss cabbage whitefly (Aleyrodes proletella), a potential pest for vegetable growers. The cabbage ...

By Heather Stoven | Article

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