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Content by Larry Lev

Expanding Opportunities for Small-Scale Farms in the Specialty Food Market

Dec 2018
Many small and medium-size farmers face difficulties in competing with larger producers in the production of bulk commodities. While some of these farms have found success by selling their fresh products through farm-direct and intermediated markets (such as sales to retailers and restaurants), those niches are quite limited. The specialty food industry provides an additional outlet ...

By Larry Lev, Laurie Houston | Article

A Learning Approach to Strengthening Farmers’ Markets

Aug 2001
Farmers' markets play a significant and expanding role in ensuring the viability of America's small farms and the vitality of its towns. Although their importance in the food distribution system is growing, they are poorly understood. At the local level, most farmers’ markets lack the resources, the information and the skill that they need to document their role in the community and to plan for the future.

By Larry Lev, Garry Stephenson | Article

Enhancing the Success of Northwest Farmer's Markets

Nov 2006
Farmers’ markets in the Pacific Northwest and across the United States are experiencing exceptional popularity with consumers and growth in numbers. This report examines the conditions associated with success and failure of individual farmers’ markets and provides information and recommendations for market organizers to assist with their decision making and strategic planning.

By Garry Stephenson, Larry Lev, Linda Brewer | Article

Research Brief: Why People Attend Farmers’ Markets

Dec 2003
A research brief describing why people attend farmers' markets.

By Linda Brewer, Larry Lev, Garry Stephenson | Article

Meat and Poultry Buying at Farmers’ Markets: A Survey of Shoppers at Four Markets in Oregon

Oct 2009
Before meat and poultry vendors attempt to expand their farmers’ market share, it is important for them to know why sales are so far limited, if that trend can be reversed, and if so, how. To answer these questions, we conducted research on the meat and poultry buying habits of farmers’ market shoppers.

By Lauren Gwin, Larry Lev | Article

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