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Content by Neil Bell

Pruning Ornamental Shrubs

What is pruning?, Pruning principles, Identifying flowering and growth habit, Directing growth, Principal pruning cuts

By Neil Bell, | Presentation

Diagnosing Plant Problems

Questions to ask in diagnosing problems Does a “real” problem exist with the plant? What is the “population” of the plants? How many of the plants are affected? What is the pattern of damage in the...

By Neil Bell, | Article

Diagnosing plant problems

Plant problem diagnosis basics

By Neil Bell, | Presentation

Is a strawberry tree a good choice?

My daughter lives in Salem and we would like to plant a Strawberry Tree (dwarf Arbutus unedo). Can you verify the growing zone there? There are a couple of arbutus outside the Salem library that seem to have weathered well, but is it common for them to freeze in Salem winters? 

By Neil Bell, | Featured Question

Growing Quinoa in the Willamette Valley

Quinoa ( Chenopodium quinoa ) is a broadleaf annual species belonging to the Amaranthaceae, the same family to which economically important crops such as spinach ( Spinacia oleracea ), beets, sugar...

By Neil Bell, Ian Dixon-McDonald | Article

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