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"Poke Salad Annie" alive and well in Oregon?

Q: My dog has been sick a few times and I found this plant with berries in my back yard. Trying to identify it but having trouble. Think it is a night shade type but just does not look like examples on internet . Can you help ??  

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Pruning Ornamental Shrubs

What is pruning?, Pruning principles, Identifying flowering and growth habit, Directing growth, Principal pruning cuts

Neil Bell | Jan 2019 | Presentation

Diagnosing Plant Problems

Questions to ask in diagnosing problems Does a “real” problem exist with the plant? What is the “population” of the plants? How many of the plants are affected? What is the pattern of damage in the population? Do the cultural conditions of the affected plants differ from those of the unaffected plants? What part (or parts) of the plant is (are) affected? What is...

Neil Bell | Jan 2019 | Article

Diagnosing plant problems

Plant problem diagnosis basics

Neil Bell | Jan 2019 | Presentation

Is a strawberry tree a good choice?

Q: My daughter lives in Salem and we would like to plant a Strawberry Tree (dwarf Arbutus unedo). Can you verify the growing zone there? There are a couple of arbutus outside the Salem library that seem to have weathered well, but is it common for them to freeze in Salem winters? 

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