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Content by Nellie Oehler

How do I turn my grapes into raisins?

Dec 2018
I want to know the steps to make raisins from grapes I have grown.

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Can I use Stevia for canning?

Sep 2018
My husband is now a type 2 diabetic. I cannot have artificial sweeteners. I would like to find a way to can fruit without doing it one way for him and a different way for me. I've been using Stevia with fruit I am putting up in the freezer. Can I also use Stevia instead of sugar with the fruit I am canning? 

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

When should hazelnuts be roasted? Any yummy recipes?

Oct 2017
When is the best time to roast filberts, raw or dried? Everything I've found on the internet says to roast after drying. I have already cracked a bunch of undried filberts. Do I just roast as if dried? Do you have recipes for flavored roasted nuts?

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Did fresh lemon juice ruin my salsa?

Oct 2017
We have already made 14 pints of red salsa & are now looking at using our green tomatoes in salsa verde. I was reading a recipe on line which said you cannot use fresh lemon or lime juice for canning. That's all we used in our red version. (1/2 cup per 7 pints) I'd hate to think we'd have to throw this out! If there's a risk, can I open them, recook it and freeze it?

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Is it possible to microwave an egg?

Dec 2016
Is it possible to cook an egg in the microwave? (hard boiled or other method?)

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

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