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Nellie Oehler

Master Food Preservers/Family & Community Health

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Content by Nellie Oehler

Sweetener: nutritive & non-nutritive (SP 50-935)

Information on a variety of sweeteners available, including natural and artificial sweeteners.

Nellie Oehler, Stephanie Polizzi | Mar 2017 | Article

Fruit pie fillings (SP 50-616)

Canned fruit fillings are a time saver for year around pie making. The filling may also be used as toppings on desserts.

Nellie Oehler | Feb 2019 | Article

How do I turn my grapes into raisins?

Q: I want to know the steps to make raisins from grapes I have grown.

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When should hazelnuts be roasted? Any yummy recipes?

Q: When is the best time to roast filberts, raw or dried? Everything I've found on the internet says to roast after drying. I have already cracked a bunch of undried filberts. Do I just roast as if dried? Do you have recipes for flavored roasted nuts?

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Did fresh lemon juice ruin my salsa?

Q: We have already made 14 pints of red salsa & are now looking at using our green tomatoes in salsa verde. I was reading a recipe on line which said you cannot use fresh lemon or lime juice for canning. That's all ...

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