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Dryland Cropping System Agronomist

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Stephen is a Professor with Oregon State University Department of Crop and Soil Science and based at the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center. He is the Dryland Cropping Systems Agronomist for the semiarid Northcentral and Northeast Oregon. His responsibilities include establishing research priorities, developing and executing comprehensive research leading to more sustainable dryland cropping systems in semiarid eastern Oregon. Stephen conducts cropping systems research to develop economically and biologically sustainable agricultural practices for cereals, legumes, and new crops. Specific research work includes but is not limited to crop rotations, long-term experiments, soil organic matter, alternate crops, drought tolerance/resistence and disease interactions, site-specific farming, organic farming, and biochar. His main carrier interests are in solving agricultural problems to ensure sustained food production and to alleviate hunger in the world without adverse effects to the environment.

Content by Stephen Machado

Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest

Farmers make tough decisions all the time—it comes with the territory. When that territory includes the dryland region of the inland Pacific Northwest, decisions can be even more challenging. Fluctuating weather, varying soils, and changing pest pressures are just a few of the ongoing challenges...

By Don Wysocki, Clark Seavert, Silvia Rondon, Stephen Machado, Susan Capalbo, Rakesh Awale | OSU Extension Catalog

Alternative Crops for the Columbia Basin

Explores possibilities for new crops in the Columbia Basin. Includes crops for oilseeds, food, forage, revegetation, and xeriscape plant nurseries. Crops are classified into three categories: grasses and cereal grains, broad-leafed herbs and forbs, and shrubs and trees. Includes index by common and...

By Brian Tuck, Jordan Maley, Stephen Machado | OSU Extension Catalog

Dryland Cropping Systems: Chickpea Production Guide

This publication discusses chickpea (garbanzo) cultivation in Oregon. Topics include variety selection, conditions for growth, seed and seedbed preparation, seeding date, method and rate of seeding, fertilizer and lime, weed management, foliar and root disease management, insects, harvesting and...

By Richard Smiley, Stephen Machado, Mary Corp | OSU Extension Catalog

Dryland Cropping Systems: Narrow-Leaf Lupin

Discusses potential for lupin as a crop in the Pacific Northwest. Includes information about uses, growth habit, life cycle, environmental and soil requirements, variety selection, seed preparation, germination, seeding, fertilization, weed control, pest control, harvest, and economics.

By Brian Tuck, Stephen Machado | OSU Extension Catalog

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