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Content by Teresa Crowley

Homeless in Metro area, what are my options?

Q: I've been a resident of Clackamas county for the past 30 years and have recently been made homeless. I need help with housing placement on a fixed income of $870.00 per month being on SS Disability. I've not found anyone or any program to help me get off the streets. I've also experienced businesses telling me I cannot come back to their establishment once they find out I am a homeless. Can you guide me to resources?

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I'm frantic about my frozen foods, should I toss them all?

Q: The vertical freezer door was left open an inch from evening to mid-morning the next day. Around 11 a.m., I noticed the veggies (bags) were broken up inside and almost soft. TV dinners were pliable. I also have a package of raw chicken breasts (forgot to check them), butter in cube/pounds, ice cream, cranberries (fresh, in sealed bags), frozen orange juice, unbaked pie. ...

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