Extension exercise classes?


Thank you for your question! OSU Extension offers multiple at-home and in-person exercise class options, including StrongPeople™ (formerly known as StrongWomen).

Extension resources for older adults

  • StrongPeople™: StrongPeople™ is a nationally recognized, evidence-based community exercise program designed to increase the number of mid-life and older people participating in safe and effective strength training.
  • Virtual StrongPeople™ class recordings: These playlists include classes taught by Extension faculty that are appropriate for both beginner and intermediate fitness levels.
  • Better Bones and Balance®: Better Bones and Balance® is an exercise program designed to gradually improve balance and strength to avoid falls and maintain independence. Remote and in-person classes are available through Linn-Benton Community College.
  • Walk With Ease: Walk With Ease (WWE) is an exercise program that can reduce pain and improve overall health. There are both in-person and virtual, self-directed options available.

Extension resources for families and children

  • BEPA 2.0: BEPA 2.0 is a classroom-based physical activity program aligned to health and physical education standards for children.
  • BEPA 2.0 Activity Sheets: Families can play BEPA 2.0 activities at home with the instruction sheets to increase their daily physical activity. Available in English and Spanish.

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