Integrated Pest Management

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Integrated Plant Protection Center (IPPC)

Online Resource

OSU's website on IPPC. Includes information about measuring our socio-political impact, effect on human health, results of our decision making and our environmental impact.

Pacific Northwest nursery IPM

Online Resource

The PNW Nursery IPM Website is designed to be dynamic, allowing growers and pest management professionals to give and receive information regarding pest activities in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. Whenever possible, we will provide links and further information for growers on particular pests.
pest detectors refer to their reference guide

Central Oregon Potato Pest Monitoring Program

Online Resource

Potato Patches, a weekly newsletter, is published from late June through mid-September and contains a tabulation of the weekly green peach aphid survey, crop water use information, P-Day accumulation, and timely announcements for central Oregon potato producers.
pest detectors refer to their reference guide

US Pest

Online Resource

A collection of resources and websites pertaining to pests and disease and the management of these vectors.

An Integrated Pest Management Strategic Plan for Sweet Cherries in Oregon and Washington

OSU Extension Catalog

This plan lists major pests, current management practices, critical needs, and efficacy ratings of pest-management tools in sweet cherry production. Practices are organized by growth stage, making it easier to plan year-round management practices.

By Paul Jepson, Katie Murray

An Integrated Pest Management Strategic Plan for Oregon and Washington Cranberries

OSU Extension Catalog

This publication, produced by growers, commodity group representatives, processors, university specialists, and other technical experts from the cranberry industry in Oregon and Washington, outlines major pests, current management practices, critical needs, activity timetables, and efficacy ratings...

By Cassie Bouska, Paul Jepson, Katie Murray

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program


Online Resource

University of California' official guidelines for managing pests with environmentally sound methods.

Fruit tree integrated pest management


A look at integrated pest management in "Concepts from Start to Finish".

By Steve Renquist

Gempler's IPM Buyers Guide

Online Resource

Integrated Pest Management products website.

Sustainable Hazelnut Production: Filbertworm Control by Mating Disruption

OSU Extension Catalog

Filbertworm is the insect pest of greatest economic importance in Oregon hazelnut production. This publication explains how to Implement mating disruption as a strategy that will reduce damage caused by filbertworm feeding. A mating disruption strategy reduces pesticide applications and protects...

By Linda Brewer, Vaughn Walton