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High school students serve up meals at home through adapted cooking class

OSU Extension provides weekly video resources, recipes and a detailed syllabus to guide the students as they cook recipes at home.

Chris Branam | Dec 14, 2020 | News story

Food Hero enables Oregonians to eat healthier

Food Hero is also used in schools to teach kids about nutrition through sharing the recipes and sampling new foods.

Lauren Tobey | Oct 2020 | Impact story

Enjoying Home Dried Fruits and Vegetables SP50-587

Dried fruits and vegetables make excellent snack and camping foods, but can also add variety to family meals. This publication offers a variety of recipes that use dried fruits and vegetables.

Sep 2020 | Publication

Preserving Mangoes - SP50-1006

Recipes and directions for storing and preserving mangoes. Green mangoes can be canned and made into sauce, chutney and salsa. Ripe mangoes can be frozen or dried. As mangoes ripen, they become less acidic. We do not have safe guidelines for canning ripe mangoes or mango sauce.

Sep 2020 | Publication

Preserving Tomatoes - SP50-920

Tomatoes may be canned by themselves or in combination with other vegetables or meat (such as salsa, sauces and catsup or spaghetti sauce). It’s important to use safe procedures when canning tomatoes and tomato products. Laboratory-tested methods must be used to destroy microorganisms that cause spoilage.

Aug 2020 | Publication

Bilingual 4-H e-magazine provides activities for children to do at home

Every issue includes an activity that represents the four “Hs” that figure in the youth development organization’s name: head, heart, hands and health.

Chris Branam | Aug 6, 2020 | News story

Sea Grant Extension partners on campaign to boost state's seafood industry

In addition to showing where to buy local seafood via an interactive map, the Eat Oregon Seafood webpage offers tips on when and what types of seafood to purchase and how to freeze, smoke and prepare it at home.

Chris Branam | Jul 9, 2020 | News story

Shop at the Dock Garibaldi: Interview with Amanda Cavitt of the Garibaldi Bistro

Meet Amanda Cavitt, the General Manager of the Garibaldi Portside Bistro. She shares her insights on keeping seafood on the menu during the COVID-19 pandemic, how they prepare their smoked albacore tuna melt, and her advice for learning how cook seafood at home.

Amanda Gladics | May 2020 | Video