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High Speed Hand Washing Basic Lesson Plan

The High Speed Hand Washing Basic Lesson Plan is used to teach the basic technique where hands are lathered up longer and groups can wash hands quicker. It can be used as a pre-curriculum lesson so food safety practices can be modeled during nutrition lessons before food is prepared or served. This lesson can be used indoors or outdoors with youth or adult groups. Adaptations for COVID-19 precautions are included.

Glenda Hyde, Beth Ann Wilson | Jul 2020 | Fact Sheet

Win, Lose or Wash! skit and game

Students enjoy performing the Sneaky Germ Skit to review proper hand washing for the class. Then, the class enjoys a rousing game of Win, Lose or Wash! affirming key times that you should wash your hands.

Stephanie Russell, Dorian Oppenlander, Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

High Speed Hand Washing "Show Me!" Session

Modeling and practicing good hand washing before serving food samples in nutrition education lessons is time consuming and therefore usually neglected. The High Speed Hand Washing technique was developed to meet a need that could result in improved food safety in the classroom and at home. Classrooms can get their hands washed properly in five minutes or less, increasing students’ food safety awareness and actions. It can also reduce risk of spreading communicable diseases, while conserving water and energy. Presentation at Consumer Food Safety Educators Conference sponsored by the Partnership for Food Safety Education, March 2019.

Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

4th Grade Food Safety Lesson Plan with High Speed Hand Washing

Students who have learned High Speed Hand Washing in previous years revisit food safety with funny skit or game activities. Students review High Speed Hand Washing and practice it in their new classroom groups to get their class time under 5 minutes. Our research with 3rd though 8th graders over seven years shows that food safety practices may slip from year to year, but an engaging food safety activity revives and slightly increases their commitment to proper hand washing. Skits and games that can be adapted for most age groups are listed as Food Safety Activity Supplements.

Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

Lights, camera, forest: Bringing Hopkins to the public through social media

OSU Extension educator uses social media to conduct lessons from the Hopkins Demonstration Forest.

Chris Branam | Jun 5, 2020 | News Story

High Speed Hand Washing resources

High Speed Hand Washing helps save time, water, energy and prevents the spread of disease. Groups of 25 can get their hands washed properly in 5 minutes or less. Works well indoors or outdoors. Lesson plans, posters and more!

Glenda Hyde, Lauren Kraemer, Linda Beech | May 2020 | Collection

Guide to Oregon Fisheries

A short guide to the commonly caught commercial seafood species in Oregon. Includes information on management, season, habitat and life history, fishing gear used to catch it, pounds landed and value of the fishery, and fun facts for 12 of the major fisheries in Oregon.

Jamie Doyle, Amanda Gladics | May 2020 | Fact Sheet

OSU Extension forester pivots to video to share wildflower walks

The videos, recorded in Jackson County, have already drawn many views on YouTube.

Kym Pokorny | May 1, 2020 | News Story

OSU Extension Outdoor School provides resources for families during stay-at-home order

Extension Outdoor School added a webpage – “Educational Resources for Stay Home, Save Lives,” — to its website where parents, guardians and teachers can find links to resources to support outdoor learning experiences while schools are out of session.

Chris Branam | Apr 15, 2020 | News Story