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Stephen Ward
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Does this web pest need reported?

I found a tent web in my tree in West Linn Clackamas this weekend. Someone suggested I report it as apparently it can spread. I contacted Clackamas county and they suggested I contact you. Is this something I should be concerned about?

By Jack Shorr | Featured Question

Dogwood infestation, naughty or nice bug?

I live in Gresham and have noticed bugs on my three dogwood trees. I tried to do an internet search and think they might be Caligripha beetles? I am including a photo. There are also many small white grub looking insects as well, I was thinking it it the same bug in its larval state? Can you please...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

Is this a bot fly larvae, is my family at risk?

I found a cuterebra larva on my bathroom floor today. Freaky! So after watching them get pulled out of cats' noses they have my full attention! I have two cats and a dog that don't show any symptoms. Did it fall out of my boot? A hand truck delivery service? We had kids sledding, did they drag it up...

By Charles Estill, | Featured Question

Symphylans have invaded my garden, how can I get rid of them?

How do i get rid of symphylans? I have turned the dirt numerous times and treated with Bifenthrin as was directed by a soil expert at a local greenhouse ( 3 days ago) and they're still alive and well. Help!!! I am trying to get some of my cold crop starts in the ground, but want to get rid of these...

By Jeff Choate | Featured Question

Are there insect issues with birch trees?

Is it true that white paper birch in the Willamette Valley have been infested with insect like beetle? I wanted to plant one this spring and my yard maintenance service told me I should consider a different type due to the insect problem.

By Glenn Ahrens | Featured Question

My horses have so many ticks, what can I do?

I have 2 horse on 5 irrigated acres NE Bend, Deschutes county. I have been pulling ticks off them for a few weeks. I dewormed with an Ivermectin which kills any that were attached at the time, but more climb on and attach. What's an effective way of getting rid of ticks from property and livestock?...

By Scott Duggan | Featured Question

Nice place for a nest!

Yellow jackets have nested inside the side view mirror on my husband's truck. They crawl in and out behind the mirror and swarm all over the whole mirror frame. The truck is always parked in the driveway. How do we get rid of them?

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Flea beetle infestation, lady bugs to the rescue?

We have a large infestation of flea beetles, centralized in our garden. There are millions of the beetles. We put 1000 ladybugs out last night. The garden is approximately 60x100 ft. Do we need more lady bugs or is there another approach to kill these beetles?

By Heather Stoven | Featured Question

How can I be rid of hobo spiders once and for all?

An Extension specialist in NW Portland identified my spiders as Hobos 3-4 years ago. Since then, their August mating routes have brought them into my house at an annual rate that has increased substantially, and I want to eradicate them / their nests so I can relax in my home. Is it possible, and to...

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Living with termites in Bend!

I am trying to assess whether my exterminator is giving me accurate information about termite activity in Central Oregon. I am a new home owner of a house built in 1936. Termite activity was discovered during inspection and the exterminator sprayed. 2 months later we found a live termite colony in a...

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Featured Question