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Potato IPM

The Agricultural Research and Extension Centers in Eastern and Central Oregon have dedicated faculty focused on IPM (Integrated Pest Managment) for potato and seed potato production. Additional resources are available for Western Oregon gardeners through the Community Horticulture and Small Farms Programs.

Oct 2019 | Collection

Oregon Forest Pest Detector graduates find insect new to the state

In May 2019, an Oregon Forest Pest Detector (OFPD) program graduate submitted a report to the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline after finding D-shaped exit holes and a green insect on a twinberry in her yard in southeast Portland. She recognized the signs as characteristic of insects in the genus Agrilus, which includes the deadly forest pest emerald ash borer. The green ...

Amy Grotta | Oct 2019 | Article

The Colorado Potato Beetle in the Columbia Basin

Oregon State University Crop and Soil Science Masters student Pahoua Yang focuses her research project on Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata. Her project is to determine baseline information for several commercial insecticides. This includes a brief background of the importance of CPB and basic biology. Her work includes bioassays, field studies results, and future implications of her study. She is doing her research at Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

Silvia I. Rondon | Oct 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Tackling Potato Virus Y, a Persistent Problem in Potato Production

Oregon State University Masters student Max Combest explains issues related to Potato Virus Y (PVY). He is doing research of PVY in potato production in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide. He is looking to understand the interactions between potato and PVY. He uses biotechnology tools like CRISPR to study two genes associated with the hypersensitive response of potato to PVY.

Aymeric Goyer | Oct 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

My pond has become a fly nursery. How can I get rid of them?

Q: I have a 4 year old 12,000 gallon koi pond with a large waterfall. I went to clean the waterfall filters and add barley hay for the algae last weekend only to find thousands, maybe millions, of black fly larvae. I scraped the waterfall as best I could and turned the waterfall back on. The koi enjoyed a meal but when I turned off the waterfall the next day, ...

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Does this web pest need reported?

Q: I found a tent web in my tree in West Linn Clackamas this weekend. Someone suggested I report it as apparently it can spread. I contacted Clackamas county and they suggested I contact you. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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Know garden pests before deciding on a path to control

Beneficial insects will often show up to feed on pest insects so don't kill indiscriminately.

Kym Pokorny | Aug 9, 2019 | News Story

Dogwood infestation, naughty or nice bug?

Q: I live in Gresham and have noticed bugs on my three dogwood trees. I tried to do an internet search and think they might be Caligripha beetles? I am including a photo. There are also many small white grub looking insects as well, I was thinking it it the same bug in its larval state? Can you please tell me what you think these are and what I need to do about it? 

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Many forest insects are mistaken for tree killers

Found an insect in your tree? Chances are it's not a pest. Here's what to look for.

Amy Grotta | Jul 2019 | Article