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Stephen Ward
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Does this web pest need reported?

I found a tent web in my tree in West Linn Clackamas this weekend. Someone suggested I report it as apparently it can spread. I contacted Clackamas county and they suggested I contact you. Is this something I should be concerned about?

By Jack Shorr | Featured Question

Know garden pests before deciding on a path to control

Aug 9, 2019
Beneficial insects will often show up to feed on pest insects so don't kill indiscriminately.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Dogwood infestation, naughty or nice bug?

I live in Gresham and have noticed bugs on my three dogwood trees. I tried to do an internet search and think they might be Caligripha beetles? I am including a photo. There are also many small white grub looking insects as well, I was thinking it it the same bug in its larval state? Can you please...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

Many forest insects are mistaken for tree killers

Found an insect in your tree? Chances are it's not a pest. Here's what to look for.

By Amy Grotta, | Article

Entomology for Gardeners Presentation

Terminology, Anatomy of insects & spiders, Development, 8 Common Insect Orders, Identification key

By Jean R. Natter | Presentation

Entomology for Gardeners

Classification and names Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta = Insects (Arachnida = Spiders) Order: The technical name of the orders describes the wings. For example: Coleoptera: “coleo” = sheath;...

By Jean R. Natter | Article

Diagnosing plant problems

Plant problem diagnosis basics

By Neil Bell, | Presentation

Basic Entomology Presentation

Gain a basic understanding of and know how to identify some of our more common insects you will likely encounter as a gardener.

By Richard Little | Presentation

Basic Entomology

Insects can be found in great numbers in every ecosystem on our planet except for the ocean. There are over a million different identified species of insects in the world, but only an estimated 31,000...

By Richard Little | Article