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Tree School Clackamas teaches love for the land

Educational event draws hundreds from woodland community in Clackamas County and beyond.

By Glenn Ahrens, Rose Clarke, Michael Bondi, Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson | Article

Wildlife Cameras: a snapshot of what you need to know

There are many fun and educational benefits to placing a wildlife camera on your property. With the help of these cameras, you can develop a cumulative list of the diversity of wildlife species found on your property to supplement the wildlife section of your property’s management plan.

By Lauren Grand, | Article

Winter Farmscaping – Enhancing Riparian Vegetation along Ponds and Waterways

Farmscaping describes a broad range of activities that improve the diversity of a small farm to enhance the ecosystem services it provides, including enhancing beneficial organisms for pest management...

By Elizabeth Murphy, | Article

Ponding, Plugging, & Pugging: How to Care for Wet Spring Soils

With another long, wet spring on the horizon for the Pacific Northwest, particular attention should be paid to take care of wet spring soils. As rainfall continues, rivers swell, and fields are...

By Elizabeth Murphy, | Article

Woodland Ponds: A Field Guide

This field guide describes in detail the steps woodland landowners would take to build a large pond on their properties. The guide describes the planning, permitting and construction of the pond, and includes sections on maintaining and repairing woodland ponds. It also describes the aesthetic...

OSU Extension Catalog

Toxic Blooms in Oregon Waters

Cyanobacteria are a type of photosynthetic bacteria commonly referred to as blue green algae. Like many bacteria, some cyanobacteria can produce toxins harmful to humans, pets, livestock and wildlife. When cyanobacteria begin to grow rapidly this can result in a bloom, which is a dense and often...

By Dave Stone | OSU Extension Catalog

The Wildlife Garden: Create a Garden Pond for Wildlife

This publication describes how to build a simple pond to attract wildlife, and how to keep it safe and healthy for wildlife and for you.

OSU Extension Catalog

What Can We Learn at the Pond? 4-H Wildlife Stewards Master Science Leader Guide

Informal outdoor learning environments, such as school ponds and outdoor learning centers, are ideal settings for learners to practice the skills used in scientific inquiry. The lessons in this guide are designed for use with K-6 learners. Some lessons include information as to how they might be...

By Virginia Bourdeau | OSU Extension Catalog

How to build a simple pond for native frogs

Jun 10, 2011
With minimal effort, you can attract Pacific chorus frogs to your property.

News Story

Create a garden pond for wildlife

Dec 12, 2008
How to create a garden pond to attract wildlife

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