Lynn Squire

Tree School Clackamas

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, OR

Tree School Clackamas started in 1991 as a mini-college program designed to attract a broad audience and offer a diverse array of educational topics to address the goals and challenges facing local forest landowners. From humble beginnings, with just 16 classes and 125 participants, Tree School was a hit with the woodland community and has continued to grow. 

In 2019, Tree School Clackamas features 75 different classes for over 650 participants, including special opportunities for youth ages 6-20. 


As of 11:00 on Wednesday 2/13, we have re-opened Tree School registration to fill the remaining 25 seats!
29 awesome classes are still open - view them on the latest class matrix update

Please direct any questions or requests to Jean Bremer

**Seeking volunteers to help with Friday set-up and various tasks on Saturday of Tree School! Contact Rose Clarke if you would like to pitch in.

Be sure to check out Tree School Umpqua, happening March 29 in Roseburg, for more great learning opportunities, including many of the same instructors and topics as Tree School Clackamas. 

Tree School Umpqua catalog and registration link are available now!


Tree School Clackamas Class Catalog 

Limited number of paper copies available at all Oregon State Extension county offices and at select local libraries.


Welcome to our registration landing page! 

The 2019 class catalog, featuring 75 general Tree School classes and some exciting opportunities for youth ages 6-20, is available for download online.

Questions? Contact Jean Bremer.

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