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4-H Wildlife Stewards Camp Counselor Leadership Program

Our 4-H Wildlife Stewards Camp Counselor Leadership program is designed for young people ages 12-21. Our program is a high quality leadership program that guides, trains, and mentors young people from middle school through college. This leadership journey is progressive and builds leadership, public speaking, and youth development skills each year. At each level, all 4-H camp counselors are carefully screened, trained, and mentored alongside safe, fun, and caring adult staff mentors.

Counselor in Training - 7th and 8th Grade

Junior Counselor - 8th Grade and Completed CIT

Camp Counselor Applicant - 9th-12th Grade as a 1st Year Camp Counselor

Second Year Camp Counselor - 9th-12th Grade

Senior Counselor - 11th-12th Grade and at least 2 Years as Camp Counselor

Junior Adult Staff

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