Interested in Becoming a Master Beekeeper?

What Makes Our Program Unique?

Our Program Goals

The primary goal of the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program is to improve and maintain the health of honey bee colonies throughout the region. To meet this goal, the program has the following objectives:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of honey bees and beekeeping
  • Provide guidance in appropriate management and consistency in the practice of beekeeping
  • Encourage ongoing education of beekeepers at all levels
  • Create a web of beekeepers who serve as instructors and mentors to beekeepers enrolled in the program
  • Support and encourage participation in the regional community of beekeepers
  • Actively inform and increase public awareness through outreach events about the honey bee, the role of honey bees in contemporary culture, and ways to contribute to improving the health of honey bee colonies

Three Levels of Instruction

Participating beekeepers gain experience at three successive levels: Apprentice, Journey, and Master. Each Level provides opportunities and support for additional learning, practice in the field, and community service. 

Ready to Get Started?

Please visit our Apprentice Beekeeper page and we'll walk you through the process. 

Apprentice Level

At this level, the program emphasizes hands-on training with a mentor. Classroom-based and online instruction is available throughout the state. Completion of this level gives participants a solid foundation in beekeeping.

Journey and Master Levels

These offer additional training in advanced beekeeping topics. These levels also involve bee-related research projects and community service to educate others about honey bees and beekeeping.

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