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Content by Lynette Black

Oregon 4-H Consumer Decision-Making Program

Gives explanation and details of the 4-H Consumer Decision-Making Contest. Defines terms and explains best ways for contestants to make a consumer decision using factual reasons for that decision. There is also an explanation of the “Group Think,” an additional contest segment at the state level. 4...

By Lynette Black | OSU Extension Catalog

How can I prepare for a tsunami?

Do you know where I can go to find out about various coastal towns' emergency preparedness and directions for evacuation in the event of a tsunami?

By Lynette Black | Featured Question

How long should I roll out my drinking water barrel?

I have emergency drinking water (from the garden hose) stored in a 55 gallon plastic drum, and about a dozen store-bought gallons of drinking water in the original plastic containers. How long will they stay safe to drink?

By Lynette Black | Featured Question

Invasive Species: What Gardeners Need to Know

Invasive nonnative plants are a serious subject for gardeners, farmers, the general public, and land managers. Understanding invasive species and how to control them is becoming increasingly important for gardeners.

By Lynette Black | OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Food Preservation: Intermediate/Senior Level

4-H members who have completed the beginning and expanding levels of the 4-H Food Preservation project are ready for the advanced level.

By Nancy Kershaw, Lynette Black | OSU Extension Catalog

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