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What's a fast-growing tree for a privacy screen?

I'm looking for trees to plant to act as a barrier to cars coming past our property; a south facing space that is wet in the winter from runoff. Any suggestions? Height isn't a concern as there's space to plant away from power lines. Just want a visual block to the road, maybe a little helpful with...

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Is it time to change the color of my hydrangea?

What time of the year is the best time to add acid solider to my established pink/mulberry colored hydrangeas? I am really really wanting blue blooms this season! It is currently January should I start adding the acid solider now? How much how often?

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Fruit recommendations for Central Oregon

Could you offer some proven winners that have succeeded in Bend's climate/conditions? These could be fruit trees, fruiting vines, hardy plants, or shrubs. Any named varieties that have been particularly successful? Edibility is a big factor (i.e., while many Sorbus sp. are planted here, they appear...


Bees in the Garden: Update from the OSU Garden Ecology Lab

This webinar is part of the 2018 series of Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension.

By Gail Langellotto

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Is it too late to torture my poinsettia?

I kept a poinsettia over from last year. It was outdoors in the shade all summer and fall until yesterday. I brought it into the unheated garage. It's looking healthy, with new growth and a couple small leaves that are just beginning to turn red. What can I do now to convince it to transform into a...


Plant Amnesty’s Guide to Pruning Ornamentals

Written and reprinted with permission by Cass Turnbull, Plant Amnesty

Northwest Gardening 

Pacific Maritime List. Sunset-Western Climate. Zone 4-5

Do's and Don't's

Don’t: Ornamental trees should...


Tree Pruning Basics

A properly pruned tree looks as natural as possible; that is to say, the tree’s appearance reflects its fundamental form and character. The pruner must be sensitive to maintaining this structural integrity, in addition to knowing a bit about tree biology and proper pruning principles!

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My spouse may have just killed Jasmine, is there hope?

I was horrified to find my husband has “pruned” a large Jasmine plant until it is a bunch of sticks with very few leaves. Is there any thing I can do to save it - or is it a goner.

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Is a strawberry tree a good choice?

My daughter lives in Salem and we would like to plant a Strawberry Tree (dwarf Arbutus unedo). Can you verify the growing zone there? There are a couple of arbutus outside the Salem library that seem to have weathered well, but is it common for them to freeze in Salem winters? 

By Neil Bell

OSU Extension Catalog

Pacific Poison-oak and Western Poison-ivy: Identification and Management

Discusses how to identify and control Pacific poison-oak and western poison-ivy, and how to prevent exposure to the plants' oily substance, urushiol, which can cause an allergic contact dermatitis.

By Andy Hulting, Lauren Grand, Brooke Edmunds, Alicia Christiansen