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I am furloughed, too early for gardening?

I'm a furloughed federal employee and suddenly find myself with free time that could end tomorrow, next week, next month, who knows. On top of that, it's sunny! What are things I could do now that will be a good investment of time (but not a lot of money)? I have a typical city lot with raised beds...


Botany Basics

Plants are essential to life on earth. Understanding how plants grow and develop helps us capitalize on their usefulness and make them part of our everyday lives.


Environmental Factors Affecting Plant Growth

Plant growth and geographic distribution are greatly affected by the environment. Either directly or indirectly, most plant problems are caused by environmental stress. Environmental factors that affect plant growth include light, temperature, water, humidity, and nutrition.

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Is anaerobic compost tea useful, any tips?

I would like to use compost tea on my garden. I don't have the means to make aerobic compost tea. If I use anaerobic compost tea as a soil drench only, will I still provide my soil a flush of beneficial microbes? Also, do you have any suggestions for making anaerobic compost tea?

By Linda Brewer


Bees in the Garden: Update from the OSU Garden Ecology Lab

This webinar is part of the 2018 series of Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension.

By Gail Langellotto

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What Does Your Garden Grow?

Why are you gardening? What fits your style?

OSU Extension Catalog

Interpreting Compost Analyses

Compost can return nutrients and organic matter to the soil, a proven practice for soil health enhancement. It can improve crop growth and provide environmental benefits by improving soil tilth and the soil’s capacity to absorb and hold water and plant nutrients. This publication focuses on...

By Linda Brewer, Dan Sullivan



Yamhill County Master Gardener newsletter.


Eco Gardening

Ecogardens, or ecological gardens, are ways to save natural resources and still enjoy gardens and landscapes. Many methods of ecogardening are available.