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Put out the welcome mat for birds in winter

If you are feeding backyard birds, be sure to continue through winter when they need the nutrition.

Kym Pokorny | Oct 25, 2019 | News Story

How do I move a shrub with a nest?

Q: Arborvitae line my back fence and I want to remove them and replace them with fruit trees. However, a pair of scrub jays is nesting in the arborvitae. I am not in an imminent hurry, but how can I eventually remove the arbor vitae with minimal disruption to the jays?

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How can I keep crows and jays from being hogs?

Q: Do you have a seed type recommendation or other techniques and strategies for discouraging crows and jays from monopolizing my feeders. These corvids scratch all the seed out onto the ground and chase away the songbirds I'm trying to serve.

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Climate change negatively affects waterbirds in the American West

New research shows that recent climate change is having profound effects on wetlands across the American West – affecting birds that use these wetlands for breeding, migration and wintering.  

Chris Branam | Mar 15, 2019 | News Story

How do I handle sparrow bullies?

Q: We have been trying to attract swallows back to our neighborhood, and after 15 years we have a nesting pair in our yard. We have noticed sparrows trying to evict our family of swallows. The babies have not yet fledged, and we are concerned. What can we do?

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Nesting boxes invite birds to hatch babies in home gardens

There's more to think about than just hanging up a birdhouse

Kym Pokorny | Mar 31, 2017 | News Story

Oil and gas infrastructure doesn’t seem to deter nesting hawks

Too early to assume energy development is benign

Gail Wells | Jun 8, 2016 | News Story

Five berry-bearing shrubs to feed birds in winter

Keep our feathered friends in fine fettle in cold weather

Kym Pokorny | Jan 8, 2016 | News Story

I have red-headed rascals ruining my trees, how can I stop this pest?

Q: I sent in a picture awhile ago, and you said it was a woodpecker, sapsucker variety. Now it seems there are flying insects, flies and small bees or wasps at the tree all the time, also have seen the woodpecker several times. Seems like they are ruining or killing the tree, what can we do to save it, or stop them from making it look like this? Organically if possible.

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We are losing the battle of the bird feeder, how can we call a truce?

Q: I have a very active wild bird feeding area about 15' and about 30 yards from our house next to the Deschutes River in pines with an open meadow across the river. Hawks have discovered the birds and are attacking them. Any suggestions?

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