Building community for wildfire resilience (Recorded)

Fire doesn’t stop at property lines so we must create resilient landscapes as a community. Different communities, different ways to prepare for wildfire. This webinar explores how different communities have found different ways to prepare for wildfire. Whether you are just starting out, or you are further along, this webinar will inspire you to take action and work with your community to build better wildfire resilience.

Originally aired on April 14, 2021

Presenters: Michael Eng (Lostline Canyon Firewise Community); Rob Guttridge (Guttridge Bros.); Lucy Allison (Gorse Action Group); Rich Fairbanks (Prescriptions for Safety); and Boone Zimmerlee (Project Wildfire)


Fire FAQs—How can landscapes with mixed ownerships be managed for fire effectively?

Gorse distribution across Oregon

Project Wildfire:

What is Firewise USA?

Firewise USA Community Preparedness Day TOOLKIT

Community Wildfire Protection Plans, Oregon Department of Forestry

Wallowa Resources:

Call to action:

Just starting out? Brainstorm with neighbors ideal ways to come together on wildfire preparedness, identify local resources such as county emergency managers, Firewise Community Coordinators, etc.

If you are further along and have already taken some action in your community to be Fire Prepared – Contact local resources to take next steps in one or more of the methods of community engagement described in the panel.

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