Record books

Keeping records is a crucial piece of being a 4-H member. It also instills excellent record keeping skills for your future careers and hobbies.

All 4-H youth need to fill out a record book that relates to their project. There are also species-specific advancements. You should strive to complete multiple advancements throughout the year.

Record Book Check In Dates: June 7, 9, 15 & 17, 2021

Record book check-in is a required part of participation in the Crook County Fair. Members must be present at check in. See the below requirements that must be complete at the time your record book is checked.

  • Section 1 & 2 of 4-H Resume completed for previous year and started for current year
  • All other section of 4-H Resume must show progression in activities
  • Section 11 of 4-H Resume completed for previous year
  • Project records for the current year must be up to date
  • Advancements must show progression
  • Previous 4-H year Story and Project Records, including financial summary must be completed and closed out for the year


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