Record Books

Jefferson County 4-H Record Book Information

Record books consist of the following:

  1. Green 4-H Record Book Folder:  Available to purchase at the office.  Located at Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center, 850 NW Dogwood, Madras, Oregon.
  2. Title page:  Consisting of members name, projects taken during the year, age division (Junior: 9-11 years of age on September 1; Intermediates: 12-14 years of age on  September 1; or Senior:  15-19 years of age on September 1) and club should be included on the title page.
  3. Table of Contents and dividers.
  4. Notes/Story (up to 6 pages) The “My 4-H Story” is page 2 of this document.
  5. 4-H Resume: Is found on the State 4-H Website
  6. Project Records:  The project records are also found at the link above. Look on either the left or the right menu items to find your specific project records.
  7. Advancement program:  Advancement programs are also found at the link above, find your specific project area and then find your advancement record.
  8. News clippings and/or photos– up to 4 single sided pages
  9. Past project records (for 2nd year members and above)

Detailed information about Jefferson County 4-H Record Keeping is found in “Jefferson County 4-H Record Keeping for 4-H Members, Parents, and Leaders” available

You may also stop by the office and get copies of the above pages and records for your record books at the office.

Watch the OSU Jefferson County E-news for Record Keeping workshops.


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