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In-School 4-H: Find Your SPRK+

In Lake County, we have a great relationship with teachers in North Lake, Paisley, and Lakeview area schools that allow us to bring 4-H to the classroom!

The Find Your SPRK+ in-school 4-H program allows students, k-8, to learn the basics of coding using an iPad and a Sphero robot. Students also learn concepts of the engineering design process as they navigate challenges such as the giant maze pictured below. Students are partnered during the activities allowing them to work on communication and problem solving with their peers. During the 2018-2019 school year, the robots have rolled into 11 different classrooms across the county, reaching youth in kindergarten-8th grade! It is an exciting highlight of the students day and they learn so many hands-on skills through this program. 

Grant Funding 

The funding for this project was awarded by multiple granting organizations listed below. Funds were used to purchase two classroom sets of iPads, two classroom sets of Sphero robots (SPRK+ & BOLT) and supplies needed to deliver lessons. 

  • The Oregon 4-H Foundation
  • Umpqua Bank Community Grant
  • Trust Management Services, LLC

If you have questions about the Find Your SPRK+ program, contact Samara Rufener at the OSU Extension Office. 

Find Your SPRK In-School Robotics

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