Volunteer Resources

Who are 4-H Adult Volunteers?

  • Adults who are interested in making a positive impact on youth
  • Adults who have an expertise they want to share with youth
  • Adults who want to learn new skills

What support do 4-H Adult Volunteers receive?

  • New Leader Training
  • Subject Matter Training
  • Support from 4-H faculty and staff
  • Support from other 4-H Adult Volunteers
  • Project books for leaders and members

How do I become a 4-H Adult Volunteer?

  • Choose your project of interest
  • Complete a volunteer application form/Background Check (Available at the Extension Service)
  • Attend New Leader Training
  • Recruit club members!

If you are interested in becoming a new Lake County 4-H leader, please contact the OSU Lake County Extension Office for information at 541-947-6054.

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