Fire Science Core Curriculum
Promoting Awareness, Understanding, and Respect of Fire through Knowledge of the Science

Dan Leavell, Carrie Berger, Stephen Fitzgerald and Robert (Bob) Parker
EM 9172 | Published September 2017, Reviewed 2021


This curriculum is designed to teach the basics of fire to non-fire-professional community members, including instructors and landowners, such as ranchers and farmers. The goal is to reduce risk and fire hazard through education and understanding.

This curriculum is divided into six parts: an introduction and five modules. Readers can download the entire 197-page curriculum as a single PDF or they can access individual sections. The single-PDF version of the publication includes hyperlinks to all references and resources, and includes an interactive Table of Contents for easy navigation to specific sections.

Each of the six individual sections is available as individual PDFs or in a mobile-friendly online format. The PDFs can be downloaded to your computer and viewed later, but readers will need an Internet connection to view the responsively designed HTML versions on their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

In addition, each of the five modules has a companion PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded and viewed later without an Internet connection.

Here is how to access these different files and formats:

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