Master Gardener™ Programs of Linn and Benton Counties

Who are Master Gardener volunteers?

Master Gardener volunteers are people just like you who are excited about making things grow.  We are from all walks of life, and we are all part of a team that works together to:

  • Learn how to grow plants for food and beauty.
  • Discover tested and trusted gardening resources.
  • Solve plant problems.
  • Share what we discover.


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Master Gardener volunteers are people from all walks of life who are excited about making things grow. You can help grow knowledge, gardens, and communities. Learn more and join us. Read more...
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"I lived in apartments and could not do much gardening. As soon as my life permitted, I became a Master Gardener and have made wonderful new friends. I am keeping pesticide use down by showing people better ways to manage their gardens."

--Susan Morton

Master Gardener Volunteer

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Photo courtesy of Susan Morton