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Content by Melissa Fery

Land Stewardship

Dec 2018
Melissa Fery, OSU Extension (slide presentation)

By Melissa Fery | Presentation

Nutrient Management for Pastures: Western Oregon and Western Washington

Jan 2019
Describes nutrient management practices for pastures to produce forage as a main feed source for western Oregon and Washington livestock.

By Dan Sullivan, Gene Pirelli, Amber Moore, Shelby Filley, Melissa Fery | OSU Extension Catalog

Managing Mud

Dec 2007
Techniques for reducing mud.

By Melissa Fery | Presentation

Take Action RIGHT NOW to Manage Tansy Ragwort

Jun 2018
Tansy ragwort, Senecio jacobaea, is a noxious weed that causes alarm for most cattle producers and horse owners. The poisonous alkaloids in this plant causes irreversible liver damage to animals (and humans) if consumed. All of its parts are toxic, with the highest amount of alkaloids in flowers then leaves, roots and stems and the plant remains toxic when dried in hay. In...

By Melissa Fery | Article

Exploring Leased Land

Dec 2009
Land leasing is a common occurrence in agriculture production, for both livestock grazing and growing crops.  The extension office regularly gets questions regarding the current rental rate for farm ground.  While the financial aspect of leasing land is important, there is more to consider than just the cash involved in the agreement. Lease agreements can be as simple as...

By Melissa Fery | Article

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