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The Small Farms Program serves commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces both organic/biological and conventional farming systems.

Our specialties

  • Small Acreage Stewardship—Addressing land management and soil and water quality for non-commercial small acreages.
  • Commercial Small Farms—Addressing high value horticulture, livestock and poultry, and alternative crop production emphasizing organic and pasture based systems and specialty and niche production. Value-added product development is often integrated with production.
  • Community Food Systems—Addressing alternative and specialty marketing through creation and enhancement of local and regional food systems and farm direct marketing channels. Farmers markets, agritourism, farm to retail and institution sales are special emphasizes.
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Upcoming Events

Sep 4
Sep 6

Dry Farm Field Day at Gathering Together Farm

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Philomath, OR

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Small Farms
Small Farms
Small Farms, Ground Water Quality Outreach Program Coordinator
Small Farms Education Program Assistant