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Content by Nicole Sanchez

Oregon Forest Pest Detector Pest Watch Bronze Birch Borer (BBB) | Monitoreo y Detección de Plagas Forestales en Oregon Barrenador del Abedul Bronce (BBB)

This is a bilingual publication (English and Spanish) for landscape workers and the public to help them protect Oregon birch trees from this damaging pest. Includes insect identification, host plants, signs and symptoms, and what to do if you suspect BBB. Esta es una publicación bilingüe (inglés y...

By Nicole Sanchez, Brandy Saffell, Dan Leavell | OSU Extension Catalog

Homeowner Guide to Managing Bronze Birch Borer in the Upper Klamath Basin

Describes the life stages of the bronze birch borer and the damage it causes. Provides information for homeowners on assessing the level of damage to their trees and the steps they can take to treat affected trees and prevent infestation.

By Nicole Sanchez, Dan Leavell | OSU Extension Catalog

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