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Five ways to improve soil

Soil: the literal and biological foundation upon which all gardens are built. Healthy soil provides nutrients, structure, and moisture holding capacity that contribute to plant growth. Ideally, it also contains a healthy microbiome ...

Nicole Sanchez | Mar 2019 | Article

Five tips for using holiday greenery

For those seeking to “spruce” up their interior spaces during the holidays, fresh evergreens are a great place to start. In addition to the natural feel and fragrance, evergreens are especially forgiving to work with. Even ...

Nicole Sanchez | Dec 2019 | Article

Five ways to preserve fresh herbs

Using fresh herbs in cooking adds layers of fragrance and flavor, and can make even simple recipes more interesting and enjoyable. For most herbs, the leaves are the part most commonly used. Cutting herb plants back mid- ...

Nicole Sanchez | Jun 2020 | Article

Five under-used late fall bloomers

Night temperatures have hovered around freezing, but some gardens in the Klamath Basin are still showing signs of life. This late in the season, a few favorite late-blooming garden staples are in the palettes of most gardeners:...

Nicole Sanchez | Oct 2020 | Article

Five weird things that happen to tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most popular of all vegetables grown by home gardeners. About three quarters of the veggie growing public include tomatoes in their home- grown lineup. There’s no doubt that people prefer the flavor and ...

Nicole Sanchez | Jun 2019 | Article

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