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NMPAN Turns 10!

The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network is celebrating its 10th birthday.

By Rebecca Thistlethwaite | Article

Lessons Learned in Local Meat Processing: the Livestock Producers Cooperative Association

(This is an excerpt from a more in-depth NMPAN case study ). The Livestock Producers Cooperative Association (LPCA) is a USDA-inspected multi-species meat processing plant in Odessa, Washington,...

By Rebecca Thistlethwaite | Article

Finger Lakes Meat Project: Bringing Back the Meat Locker

The Finger Lakes Meat Project (FLMP) is a regional initiative in New York State to grow the freezer trade (sales of meat in bulk quantities such as whole, half, and quarter animals) to benefit...

By Kathryn Quanbeck | Article

Plant in a Box: A Solution for USDA-Inspected Poultry Processing?

David Schafer, owner and founder of Featherman Equipment , spends a lot of time thinking about small-scale poultry processing. “Having raised, butchered and sold pastured poultry since 1994,” he knows...

By Kathryn Quanbeck | Article

New Meat Processing Options in Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon will soon have two new meat processing options. Hawkins Sisters Ranch will be opening a poultry processing facility in Wallowa, and Hines Meat Co. will open soon for red meat processing...

By Kathryn Quanbeck | Article

NMPAN’s Beginner’s Guide to Local Meat Processing

The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network (NMPAN) has developed a new set of short fact sheets on the basics of meat processing, available for download from the NMPAN website . Meat processing is an...

By Rebecca Thistlethwaite | Article