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Growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest coastal region

Asparagus, beets, carrots and summer squash are some of the vegetables you can grow along the coast. Learn what to watch out for in a region known for cooler temperatures.

By Sally Reill | Article

Growing potatoes in the Willamette Valley

Growing potatoes in “towers” or structures designed to accommodate layers of growth, is a popular Internet and garden site recommendation. The allure of getting pounds of potatoes in a small space leads people to try this technique.

By Cindy Wise | Article

Why are my mashed potatoes like glue?

I'm a certified, occupational chef, been making mashed potatoes for 30 yrs. I've noticed in the last couple of years, that red or golden Yukon, also boiler potatoes, are turning to glue, while whipping! Potatoes are being made the same way, no changes. What's up? By the way, I am not using russet or...

By Sagar Sathuvalli | Featured Question

My red potatoes are really weird, what is wrong?

What is wrong with my red potatoes? The Yukon Golds from the same soil were perfect.

By Toni Stephan | Featured Question

Tips on keeping harvested potatoes fresh

Aug 13, 2010
Keep harvested potatoes fresh

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